With the rapid development of the company in recent years, successively for domestic and foreign petroleum and petrochemical, fine chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, building materials, paper making, metallurgy, electric power, textile, new energy, machinery manufacturing, real estate and other industries nearly five thousands of users provides the energy automation products and services of all kinds of high quality.

District Heating

Distributed heating system is a small area of the city's distribution of heating systems, such as large industrial and mining enterprises, real estate developers and other real estate, according to the national environmental protection requirements, generally dominated by gas boiler room. Distributed heating system is a supplementary form of urban central heating system in China.

A distributed heating control system (distributed heating control system, referred to as DHCS), in the energy-saving operation strategy and urban centralized heating control system is consistent, but due to differences in the size of the heating, in energy-saving technology realization means and central heating control system. In 2008, the "energy saving control technology of the distributed heating system" proposed by the German Union technology was supported by the national innovation fund, which marks the leading position in the field of science and technology in China.


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