With the rapid development of the company in recent years, successively for domestic and foreign petroleum and petrochemical, fine chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, building materials, paper making, metallurgy, electric power, textile, new energy, machinery manufacturing, real estate and other industries nearly five thousands of users provides the energy automation products and services of all kinds of high quality.

Central Heating

Central heating system is a basic content of urban construction in China. It is an important infrastructure of urban economic and social development, and the level of development is one of the signs of urban modernization.

The city central heating system includes heat plant, heat exchanger, heat pipe and heat users four links. The heat source plant is the heat circulation system of heat generated links, the heat exchange station is thermal energy conversion process, the heat pipe heat transport links, the user is energy use of links.

The city central heating system is based on one or several heat sources to construct the heat pipe network, and transfer the heat energy to the user through the heat pipe network. Urban centralized heating system of boiler capacity larger, high thermal efficiency, economy better, the corresponding lower heating costs, heating quality better, and the concentration of pollutant emission of boiler heating treatment facilities generally more complete and is beneficial to environmental protection, is China's most important urban heating form. Urban centralized heating control system (urban central heating control system, referred to as UCHCS) is established according to the object of urban heating system of advanced automatic control system, the goal is in order to ensure the safety of heat source, stable operation of the premise, so that the heat of heat and end user the heat demand to reduce heat in the conveying process and terminal in the process of heat loss, so as to achieve the heating system energy saving and optimization operation.


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